Excel to DokuWiki converter

Tool Excel2DokuWiki
Description MS Excel 2007 template to automatically convert simple and complex tables into DW syntax
Type MS Excel
Author Taggic
Last update 2011-05-13
DW compatible 2009-12-25 (Lemming), 2011-05-25 (Rincewind), (Angua), (Adora Belle)
Dependstablewidth (if option is used)

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Based on an initial post at DokuWiki I've developed a lot of further enhancements. Meanwhile the code
was also published on DW homepage. However, here you find the tool itself making all easier. You may want
to contact me in the event of questions or ask for further improvements.

The tool contains parameters on first worksheet to allow the user some customization.
Paste your table into another worksheet, select the cells as usual and run the makro.

The tool was written and tested with MS Excel 2007 but should work with 2010 also.


Configuration Parameter Options Effect in DokuWiki
text formatting yes/no defines if Bold, Italic, Underline will be considered
horizontal Alignment yes/no use horizontal cell alignment
(left, center, right)
Detect and use text color yes/no text will be colored as in Excel
Detect and use cell color yes/no cell color will be used as text background color
(do not mix it up with cell color at the wiki)
Use first Line as Table Header yes/no colors the background first row light blue
(or whatever your template css defined as header background color)
Use first Column as Table Header yes/no colors the background first column light blue
(or whatever your template css defined as header background color)
Hyperlinks only as address yes/no display the hyperlink only by its real link address (no: use cell text as caption and put the link behind)
turn comments into footnotes yes/no cell comments will be inserted as footnotes
defined table width yes/no table and columns will be defined in their width
(Note: tablewidth plugin needed at DW)

A German excel version were throwing errors caused by “ThisWorkbook.Sel2Wiki” due to a string is handed over and no excel function is used. Therfore I extended the AddIn Button providing now two of them to overcome the language dependency. It is using following function call.

     myButton.OnAction = “DieseArbeitsmappe.Sel2Wiki”

If you have a German Excel then use the (German) button or the other if your Excel is an English version.


Download the tool from git: https://github.com/Taggic/Excel2DokuWiki/archives/master
or extract following zip-file: Excel2DokuWiki.zip (2015/04/30 09:26 34.5 KB)
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Test Table output

Access Aliases Sec. AuthLib EnvdumpUrls
AuthMethod Description Level Design Java Akr. 1c Factor Level Native (eq) (eq or gt)
xxxxdddddd 1sdgfsdfsdfdf e asdadssadasdasdasda
xxxxdddddd 2sdgfsdfsdfdf e asdadssadasdasdasda
xxxxdddddd 3sdgfsdfsdfdf e asdadssadasdasdasda
xxxxdddddd 4sdgfsdfsdfdf e asdadssadasdasdasda
xxxxdddddd 5sdgfsdfsdfdf e asdadssadasdasdasda
xxxxdddddd 6sdgfsdfsdfdf e asdadssadasdasdasda
xxxxdddddd 7sdgfsdfsdfdf e asdadssadasdasdasda
xxxxdddddd 8sdgfsdfsdfdf e asdadssadasdasdasda
xxxxdddddd 9sdgfsdfsdfdf e asdadssadasdasdasda
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