A simple Effort Time Table plugin


The plugin development is currently on hold.
This is just the current state of implementation, which could be extended upon request.

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Pluginxstt - xsTimeTable
Description simply to track efforts on a project or team.
Type syntax
Author Taggic
Last update 2012-02-29
DW compatible 2011-05-25 (Rincewind)
Depends none
Conflicts none


Currently there seem to be not much interests into such a plugin. The plugin development is on hold as long as we do not get any feedback.


This little plugin is to provide simple logging and reporting for project efforts. The project or team will be specified by syntax line. The UI recognices currently logged in user and assumes that this one reports its efforts. It is displayed as first line of the form. Some values to be given. The date where the efforts will relate to can be entered manually or easily by use of the integrated calendar. Next a pre-configured task type to be selected from the drop-down box. The textarea below should be used to provide a decriptive comment according the work done related to the selected task type and date. Finally the user has to enter the efforts as hour and minutes into the related fields. All form fields will be checked by pressing the submit button before they wll be transferred to the server. It alerts you in the event a value was not provided.

Not logged in users are not allowed to report. The effort records will be stored into a file defined by the team parameter of syntax. The file is located inside the folder data/xstt.

The output is a list of all records of all users logged to the project/team file.

Feature potentials (upon request):

  1. editable list → login and test it
  2. sortable list → login and test it
  3. resizable columns → login and test it
  4. current row highlighting → login and test it
  5. log entry modifications
  6. simple search
  7. limit row-output of list and flip to previous/next set of records
  8. filter list according user, time period and task type
  9. support of localizations (languages)
  10. support of css-styling
  11. sum up all visible efforts
  12. report efforts for a period of time
  13. report efforts for a specific task according defined time period
  14. report efforts for a specific user according defined time period
  15. report efforts for a specific user and task according defined time period
  16. export data to file for further use within other applications (e.g. as csv for MS Excel)


just select the date and enter the task, description, effort. Submit your report by pushing the button. Your values will be stored to the report file and become visible within the table of next section.

  You have to register/log in before you can use the demo form.

 Please Sign in if you want to report your efforts.

Reported Efforts

The following table shows all records provided so far. The table is part of the plugin, it can be sorted by a click on the header and resized.

ID date task_type task_description effort employee
0 2012-02-01 development some testing 1:00 Taggic
1 2012-02-28 testing This is a test 2:00 Jorge
2 2012-02-29 development just extended the function by sort and edit of Report table 2:00 Taggic
3 2012-02-29 testing modifications will be logged but currently not displayed both files (report and modification log) will be stored ito xstt sub-folder of data directory, which is automatically created if it does not exist 1:00 Taggic
4 2012-02-21 development columns are resizeable just the mouse pointer does not change with hover effect click near by the column border in the table header and the pointer will switch accordingly and provides the function 1:30 Taggic
5 2015-08-19 development tahapan persiapan dokumen pengadaan 48:00 Arga Ridhalla

Raw file content example

a:1:{i:0;a:6:{s:2:"id";i:0;s:4:"date";s:10:"2012-02-16";s:9:"task_type";s:11:"development";s:16:"task_description";s:6:"yfdfds";s:6:"effort";s:5:"00:01";s:8: "employee";s:6:"Taggic";}}
  2. a:1:{i:0;a:6:{s:2:"id";i:0;s:4:"date";s:10:"2012-02-16";s:9:"task_type";s:11:"development";s:16:"task_description";s:6:"yfdfds";s:6:"effort";s:5:"00:01";s:8: "employee";s:6:"Taggic";}}


The following syntax will provide a user report form. The Parameter UI is synonym for User Interface. The parameter team to be substituted by the team name the Effort table will be used for.


The following syntax will output the list of efforts reported for the given team.



Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin.
Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.



The plugin was tested with DW 2011-05-25 “Rincewind” and also with related on the Stick version.
My standard browser is Internet Explorer 9 due to majority of our users. There are no browser specifics
implemented so far what should allow the usage with other browsers and on Angua systems to. However, that
is no guarantee that it works for all environmental configuration.

Development History

This is currently not available and will be started with initial release on → Development History where you will find a chronological list of changes.

Recent Changes

No public git repository so far.


Parameter Default Description
task_types development,testing,bug fixing define the task types which can be chosen by useres for this reporting


Due to the plugin is not released please use our contact form.


No entry so far.

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