Orphanmedia Plugin

Description Plugin for DW maintenance to detect orphaned and missing media files.
Type syntax
Author Taggic
Last update 2012-02-05
DW compatible 2011-05-25 (Rincewind), 2011-11-10 (Angua)
Depends none
Conflicts none
Similar orphanswanted
Download https://github.com/Taggic/orphanmedia/archives/master
Issues fcon - OrphanMedia issues

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Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin.
Refer to DW Installation instructins to read more about.



Example: Orphan Media detection
Use this plugin to find orphan and missing media files within your DokuWiki. There are 4 options provided to get the related information.

OrphanMedia show which medias are:

Option Output
all will display the complete set of results of the other parameters togethers
summary Counter based information:
# of Page files
# of Media files
# of Media references
→ Filter settings
# of valid, qualified references
# of valid, relative references
# of Missing media files
# of Orphan media files
valid all valid media links referenced by full qualified path will be displayed
relative all valid media links referenced by relative path will be displayed
missing Missing Media, the media file does not exist, but there are link(s) to it elsewhere on the pages
orphan Orphan Media, the media file exists, but not linked and wasting space only


Basic usage is to place one of the following six syntax lines into the page markup of a page with Admin/Superuser ACL:

 ====== Orphan Media detection ======

The summary will be displayed in any case. Do not forget the NOCACHE to prevent cahing issues.

You can combine outputs. For instance you want to see the summary, missing and orphan option only
the following syntax is valid (put the options together without delimiter):


Further you can specify a filter to limit the output to then specified file-extension according
following example (add file-extensions separated by ”:”):


:!: The summary counters will be affected accordingly beside the limited output.

==> It does also check for flashplayer-plugin links if they refer to local path.
==> Windows-shares in test

Test Entry
The following links are just to viaualize the work of flashplayer and windows shares:

  1. Flashplayer with options: <flashplayer width=610 height=480>file=/doku/_media/foo/bar+option.flv&autostart=true</flashplayer>
  2. Flashplayer without options: <flashplayer width=610 height=480>file=/doku/_media/foo/bar.flv</flashplayer>
  3. pure wondows share: \\server\without_title
  4. windows share with title: this
  5. two media links side by side (missing media): foobar

Detection & Limits

Link Type Comment
standard, local DW media links
full qualified links also as relative links, with or without parameters, all detected
enclosed DW media links
<box params|{{:ns:mediafile|title}}>
all detected
specials excluded medialinks within <code>, <file>, <nowiki>, <php>, <html> and %% are ignored
further can be excluded by adding regexpr to plugin conf
linked external media files
all detected; if valid, they will be viewed within relative section.
mediafile will be displayed as missing in the event a login will be neccesary to open it
(e.g. linked documents from CMS)
gallery plugin references
{{gallery ...
not recognized, will be displayed as orphan if not otherwise linked
flashplayer flashplayer may work for local files (not yet tested sufficiently)
unc path not yet tested sufficiently
windows shares not yet tested sufficiently


Each valuable help is welcome. The code is not that complicated, just looping through and
displaying some filename and path info without any effect to your source.

Change Log

Date Reason
2012-02-02 Intermediate release regarding git issue 11
+ enhanced preview sizing of orphan pictures and considers mime type icons on other files
2012-01-27 Improved detection of medialinks especially if enclosed by tags of other syntax plugins
2012-01-10 BugFix: Issue 36, multiple media links within one section
2011-12-20 Updates: Windows fileshares, etc.
2011-12-15 Reworked Plugin: syntax slightly modified, flashplayer links considered
2011-11-26 New Feature: Filter output for defined file extension
2011-07-26 BugFix for compliancy with DW plugin online update
BugFix on html output
2011-04-11 zip-bundle for download created incl. bug-fix if only one missing/orphan file existent and version info, etc. updated
2011-03-12 corrected html output on all function
2011-03-11 fixed link problem for pages with missing media
fixed problem on show details of orphan media files
2011-03-08 change on orphan media output (e.g. incl. small picture preview) and missing media (e.g. listed pages are links now)
2011-03-07 parameter mismatch corrected
2011-03-03 syntax parameter added and corrections (tag/topic links, html table output)
thanks to Flam for your comments and help
2011-02-28 Initial release


The plugin was tested with DW 2010-11-07 “Anteater” and also with related on the Stick version.
This is not the guarantee that it works for all installations due to PHP version dependencies (5.2+).


If you have multiple pictures named e.g. Image006.gif then the tool fails.
Please try to keep good style by authoring and give descriptive names to your media files.

Known Bugs and Issues

It could happen that not all media files will be detected or some feed links, etc. interpreted as such.
I tried to filter that out but due to that many syntax plugins it cannot catch all issues.
If you have a real problem please tell me the root cause of your problem.


How to switch off picture preview ?

Go to the Configuration Manager and search for OrphanMedia parameters. There is a parameter(”prev_limit”) to restrict the number of pictures to be resized and previewed. Set its value to zero to show pictures just as links.

All my pictures are shown as orphan

There is a conflict with the plugin Orphanswanted if you put both into the section of the same page. Please take care to have OrphanMedia syntax on a page without others. That would also speed up your performance.

Thanks to Jürgen for analysing this (see also Issue #92).

Another root cause maybe that your pictures are referenced indirectly by its directory only (e.g. Plugin gallery).


Please use only the DokuWiki Forum for discussion and git to raise issues.

  • Little Bug-Report to :all Statement: -> solved
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