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Description Admin-Plugin to delete unnecessary, alternative language files and folders.
Type admin
Author Taggic
Last update 2011-10-09
DW compatible 2011-05-25 (Rincewind), 2011-11-10 (Angua)
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The intention of the plugin is to save space on webserver due to deletion of unwanted language files and directories from your DokuWiki installation.


Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin.
Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Or just download and extract it as folder “rater” into your “\lib\plugins” directory.

Configuration and Settings

No configuration necessary.


This plugin provides an admin function to delete all language files and directories of your DW installation, which are unneccessarily there (so not used by you and your user). Therfore open the Admin area and look to the section of Additional Plugins. There you will find the “Delete languages” plugin.

With a click on that a page will be opened where you can delete all language files and folders of your DokuWiki to reduce the space consumption on your web host. Simply define the language you want to keep. English as fundamental requirement will be kept also. All other language files and folders of inc and lib directory will be deleted.

An input controld provide you the possibility to specify the languages which should be kept on your system. Therefore you should insert the reletade ISO-Code like “en” for English and “de” for German. English will be kept in anycase due to it is basic requirement and fall back if no language file for a specific language is available. Please separate the ISO-codes by comma if you want to keep multiple languages.

If you select the option “simulate only” nothing else than the language folders will be listed. This control is checked by default. If you de-selct it the files within these folders and the folders themselves will be deleted.

Please be aware that there is no undo feature and the languages, which you have deleted once, cannot be braught back by a single click(you have to reinstall the language packages for each plugin, template, etc.


Change Log

Known Bugs and Issues

  • currently none

ToDo/Wish List

[developers roadmap]


How to delete all languages except English ?

Insert en into the input box and press start.

Does it consider also folders outside of DokuWiki ?

No. The plugin is looping recursively “inc” and “lib” folder of DokuWiki. That considers plugins and templates, etc. If you want to have a script for other folders (e.g. Root = Apache) then please visit following forum post, which was the initial trigger to develop this plugin:
(German article) Alternative Sprachdateien löschen


Please use only the DokuWiki Forum for discussion and git to raise issues.

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