Word2DokuWiki (Makro)

Current available makros containing to much issues to post it here. If somebody has a need for this we would enhance example word makro. In the event of interests please send us a ping via our Contact form .

Meanwhile you may want to have a look on the DW Forum (German) discussion where we contributed: MS Word-Datei in Dokuwiki-Syntax konvertieren

Word2DokuWiki.zip - Test Doc incl. Makro - (2014/08/07 12:3 52,2 KB)

The tool seem to be mainly developed by Developed by Tania Hew 07/2008. We inserted the footnote conversion.

We have taken the source of Tania Hew, she based on the original work of Daryl Manning, who published his work under GNU_General_Public_License license.

The following modifications we did so far:

  1. implemented footnotes are discovered and handled as such (see MS Word-Datei in Dokuwiki-Syntax konvertieren).
  2. corrected the Hyperlink conversion and included consideration of eMail subject also as screen tips (will be converted into a footnote) if those exist.
  3. differs automatically between English and German Word installations (independently if EN = US, Australia, New Zealand, etc. or GE = Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, etc.). Other languages maybe leading into an Application.Style Problem.

Modules are implemented to handle following objects:

  • Text & Quotes
  • Footnotes
  • Internet Hyperlinks as clear links or display text
  • eMail addresses including subjects as clear links or display text
  • Headlines from level 1 to level 5
  • Text styles of Italic, Bold, Underline, StrikeThrough, Superscript and Subscript
  • ordered and unordered Lists
  • standard Tables
  • embedded Pictures of JPG, PNG and GIF file format

Current status

The ouput below shows the current ability of the makro. Please compare with the test dcument itself. There are some deviations e.g. on merged cells within a table. Most of that can be improved if necessary.

current limits:

  • LF/CR ignored → should be turned into //...//
  • combined styles (e.g. BIU) ignored → should be turned into **//__ ... __//**
  • merged cells not resolved
  • text orientation within cells ignored
  • mail addresses not properly resolved → should be turned into < ... >
  • links with titles not properly resolved
  • comments and modification tracking not resolved
  • embedded Pictures and graphics

tests to be done:

  • embedded file objects
  • colored text together with color plugin
  • Title, header and footer

Heading Level 1

Heading Level 2

Heading Level 3

Heading Level 4

Heading Level 5

Basic Text Formatting

Bold text Italic text Undelined text monospaced Combined font format of BIU Text strike through Text with superscript Text with subscript A Text1) with a footnote. Another Text2) with a footnote.

Table handling

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
Single cell, boldRight sided cell mergedmerged completely
Below Cell mergedSingle cell, italicSingle cell with suberscript
Single cell, underlinedSingle cell with subscript
Cell with a footnote3)leftcentered


Ordered list

  1. Item 1
    1. Item 1.1
    2. Item 1.2
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3

Unordered list

  • Item 1
    • Item 1.1
    • Item 1.2
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Text to HTML Conversions

→ ← ↔ ⇒ ⇐ ⇔ » « – —  

© ® ± ™ §


Email address: [a.test@mail.com-mailto:a.test@mail.com] A link: [http://www.dokuwiki.org/syntax-http://www.dokuwiki.org/syntax] A link with title: [DokuWiki org (Syntax)-http://www.dokuwiki.org/syntax] An internal link to an anchor to chapter: 2

Images and embedded Objects

  1. Picture

  1. Picture with link
  2. Picture with title
  3. Excel file
  4. PDF file
  5. PowerPoint file

Word Graphic Objects

  1. Forms
  2. Smart Art
  3. Diagramm


Some words

Track modification of documents

1) footnote 1
2) 2nd footnote
3) footnote of table cell
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