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Frister Consultancy Services is providing support for DokuWiki and actively contributing to its community. That includes software installation, customization and maintenance also as author enabling. If you are interested into more information please contact us.

Right now you are looking into our own set-up of DokuWiki used for testing and publishing of some information to interested users and readers. It is built of DokuWiki Release “Angua” and customized Arctic Template. From time to time not all plug-in or features may work as expected due to some testing issues we have.

I hope you really benefit from these resources and you take advantage of the contents provided.
Please use the Contact us form in the event of questions and proposals regarding the published topics.

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Basically the copyright of this wiki content is with Frister Consultancy Services except DokuWiki tools and DokuWiki plug-ins. These are developed and released under license of Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0), except where otherwise noted.

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