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from JCMWiki:
Would it be possible to add a flag to the stats command so that the set of included ratings could be limited to either a specific namespace (and sub-spaces?) or an id? For instance:
recipes:chili {(rater>id=1|name=chili|type=rate)}
recipes:guacamole {(rater>id=1|name=guacamole|type=rate)}
recipes:gazpacho {(rater>id=1|name=chili|type=rate)}
ideas:mondaybagels {(rater>id=2|name=mondaybagels|type=rate)}
ideas:keurigmachine {(rater>id=2|name=keurigmachine|type=rate)}

Using the standard stat command, the displayed table would include all five pages.

Could the stat command be modified to look like:

The displayed table would only include the two ideas pages, mondaybagels and keurigmachine.


Comments (work log)
The next release will provide a syntax switch for namespace definition. The namespace have to be provided fully qualified. Furthermore you can define a dedicated page. This will provide the same result as switch localstat but can be used on a different page than the rater objects are located.



Statistic will be provided of all rater object of the given namespace and sub-namesaces.


Statistic will consider rater objects only of given page file.
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