[261]   Rating end message in Details mixed up

Creator: Taggic Created: 2015-01-05 12:05:30
Assigned to: Taggic Modified: 2015-02-04 12:15:35
Severity: Minor Minor Project: fcon_project
Status: Solved Solved
Product: Rater Begin: 05.Jan.2015
Version: 2014-02-04 Deadline:
Component: Progress in %: 99
Target version:
Test blocking: YES
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Initial description
In details section

"Rating ends on ..." and "Rating already ended on ..." is swapped.
"Rating ends on ..." should be shown if current date is before end date
"Rating already ended on ..." should be shown after the end date.
at the moment it's mixed up.

Thanks for the plugin, have a good start in 2015!

  1. open syntax.php
  2. replace code line 216 by following:
{ $ret_details = '<div class="rating__details">'.sprintf($msg_ratingend,date('d.m.Y',strtotime($data['rater_end']))).'<br />';

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