[281]   misfunction when use Chinese language

Creator: 21083813 Created: 2015-04-08 8:20:31
Assigned to: Taggic Modified: 2015-06-07 16:48:22
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Initial description
the rater plugin is misfunction when name= follow by chinese character.
for example {(rater>id=9|tracedetails=1|type=rate|trace=user|headline=off|name=平台:子类:stxex_平台_交易平台)}.

suggest to slove this problem by modify file rater/syntax.php. change <
$t2 = str_replace("/",":",$t1);
> to <
$t2 = str_replace("/",":",utf_decodeFN($t1));
>. and change <
if(stripos($ratingFile,$this->sonderzeichen($rater_id.'_'.$name.'_'.$type))>0) {
> to <
if(stripos($ratingFile,$this->sonderzeichen($rater_id.'_'.utf_encodeFN($name).'_'.$type))>0) {

Comments (work log)
Thanks for your efforts. I will Change it accordingly with next release of the plugin.
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