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NEWS System Plugin: 17 Hits
|A simple News System to create news articles and preview them or provide the News tags within a little clo... n the start page of your wiki). It will provide a preview of the news you want to tell the world linked to ... pictures * Outdated news will be suppressed on preview and all news page * Preview length and item qua... ewsflash_link<tab2> | switch on to turn the News preview box headline into a link to News page | | hide_a
How to set-up the news system ?: 5 Hits
put.php|news:template:newstemplate)# to see the preview right below: %template?previewlength=120(newslist... s the right example shows </file> 4. Create a preview page, e.g. %%[[news:previews|Previews]]%% and or ... llowing syntax wherever you want to see a summary/preview list \\ <file txt preview.txt> ====== Preview ==
IssueTracker Version 2017-03-20 available now: 4 Hits
her the Archive class=box can be displayed with a preview now. You may use two little syntaxt parameter to ... 012-11-17 * text: The problem with not working preview length parameter is now solved. The word counter ... :descr#FAQ|(see also FAQ]])__ - Modification: preview output changed from list to div for improved styl
Orphanmedia Plugin: 3 Hits
rphanmedia/issues/11|git issue 11]] \\ + enhanced preview sizing of orphan pictures and considers mime type... on orphan media output (e.g. incl. small picture preview) and missing media (e.g. listed pages are links n... . ===== FAQ ===== ==== How to switch off picture preview ? ==== Go to the [[Doku>plugin:config|Configurati

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