Solved  24


Id Created Product Version Severity Status Title
2472014-08-07 12:54:32 News System2013-05-22 FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedwysiwyg editor
2072014-01-09 6:07:21 News System2013-05-22MEDIUMMediumSOLVEDSolvedLink to news article when SOOAPP turned on used incorrec char (& instead of ?)
1802013-05-05 15:48:53 News System2013-04-16 MINORMinorSOLVEDSolveddefault value if allnews wont return something
1792013-04-15 21:30:58 News System2013-02-19FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedchange back-link into link to NewsArchive
1752013-03-06 11:31:14 News System2012-12-08MINORMinorSOLVEDSolvedsyntax.php: a " too much
1732013-02-20 12:58:45 News System2012-12-08FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedallnews: prevent output of author and date information on allnews
1722013-02-11 17:12:14 News System2012-12-08MEDIUMMediumSOLVEDSolvedTag cloud feature produces errors
1652012-12-12 13:29:37 News System2012-12-11MEDIUMMediumSOLVEDSolvedproblem with action component
1402012-10-09 20:54:19 News System2012-08-21FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedAll News: Headlines and links
1392012-10-09 20:51:04 News System2012-08-21 FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedNews Archive: it would be nice to break down entries by month or something
1382012-10-09 20:48:16 News System2012-08-21MINORMinorSOLVEDSolvedmake link title 'News Archive' modifiable
1372012-10-09 20:43:53 News System2012-08-21 FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedSOAPP should provide a back link next to Archive link
1312012-10-05 16:55:58 News System2012-08-21 FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvednews flash posts should link to an individual story page incl link back to the News Flash
1302012-10-05 17:27:18 News System2012-08-21FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedArchives page
1292012-10-05 17:20:46 News System2012-08-21MINORMinorSOLVEDSolvedNewsFlash link does not refer to the anchored title at All News
1282012-10-05 15:56:36 News System2012-08-21 MEDIUMMediumSOLVEDSolvedallnews,tag call always gives me unfiltered output of all news.
1172012-08-04 16:58:28 News System2012-07-17MEDIUMMediumSOLVEDSolvedPictures disappear in NewsFlash box
1122012-07-25 10:40:44 News System2012-07-17FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedCloud of News Tags
1062012-07-17 20:34:29 News System2012-05-09MEDIUMMediumSOLVEDSolvedflash parameter doesn't change size of number of characters, always shows full text
912012-05-06 12:45:45 News System2012-03-29FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedSource and output configuration
832012-03-27 11:18:10 News System2012-03-25FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedprovide "section edit" per news article instead editing whole page at once
822012-03-27 11:16:34 News System2012-03-25FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedmake Headline "News Flash" and Link configurable
812012-03-27 11:14:12 News System2012-03-25FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedhide news ID
802012-03-24 12:44:50 News System2012-03-20 FEATURE REQUESTFeature RequestSOLVEDSolvedprovide author beside date info
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