How to set-up the news system ?

Step 1

Download this and extract it into your active template directory

Step 2

1. Create the news namespace and page, e.g. [[news:news|The news]] and place there following syntax

====== News ======
**[ [[news:news|all news]] | [[news:writenews|write news]] | [[news:newsdata?do=edit|edit news]] ]**

2. Create the template page, e.g. [[news:template:newstemplate|News template]] and paste following syntax
    If you want to have it as a box you could insert it by using the box plugin (like on our start page).

  * targetpage: news:newsdata
  * head: 40| |Headline
  * start: 10|date(now)|Publishing date (first appearance of the article in the list)
  * stop: 10|date(2 weeks)|Perishing date (on this day the article will disappear)
  * text: 50*5| |Your article

3. Create the write news page, e.g. [[news:writenews| Write new news]] and place there following syntax

====== Write new news ======
to see the preview right below:
you can put both into boxes to get one beside the other 
as the right example shows

4. Create a preview page, e.g. [[news:previews|Previews]] and or place the following syntax wherever you want to see a summary/preview list

====== Preview ======


The command folder within plugin directory has to contain the template.php within the subfolder ext to render the data set from news template.!

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