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Rater Update 2017-03-20 now available (15. May 2016, taggic)

The NEWS System is released now. It provides you the Option to use a built in WYSIWYG Editor (I'm just using it to write this message). It uses HTML to style the Messages and you can drag'n'drop Pictures, which will be inserted as CSS3 code or link (whatever the source is).

A big Advantage for faithful users of this plugin: YOU DO NOT NEED TO REWRITE YOUR EXISTING NEWS ARTICLES. The plugin detects automatically if WYSIWYG is being used or the former Syntax. Much better, you can write the one article with the new Editor and later on one with the former Syntax. Just one configuration switch at plugin manager to be ticked.

Further the Archive class=box can be displayed with a preview now. You may use two little syntaxt parameter to achive this. Please check the description and example page to get more insight in this.

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