[38]   Unable to assign Issues when using LDAP authentication

Creator: lukas Created: 2012-01-26 20:18:36
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Hi, i'm having the issue that i'm not able to assign issues to specific users.
Means, if i open the Dropdown fieled under "Assigned to" the list of users is empty.

It looks like it has something to do with our LDAP authentication (auth:ldap), as it works fine when we switch back to local users (default) authentication.

I assume the cause of the issue is not the same as described in "Issue Tracker and AUTH:AD authentication (ID:37)" as our AD is not that big.

Is this a known problem ?
How is the list of assignees actually built ?
Is there (as a workaround) maybe an option available to assign assignes "manually" ? (by adding a user list or entering just the email address?)


Comments (work log)
For testing purposes, i switched to auth:ad. The behaviour is the same.Dropdown filed under "Assigned to:" stays empty.
The reason seem to be the same as Issue 37. The basic idea is to have a group of assignees, which are taking care of the service requests. So the assignees have to be authorized by sharing the same group(s) you enabled as assignee groups within the configuration. Unfortunately there seem to be differences of DokuWiki handling local administered users and groups vs. users retrieved from other resources like LDAP, MySQL, etc. or the database queries not filling the DW authentication object properly/completely.

For issue 37 I've opened a thread on DW Forun (http://forum.dokuwiki.org/forum/16) but do not see a solution within IssueTracker for this problem.

I would need your LDA request and database scheme for further analysis (but to be honest, I'm not familar with DW external authentication and happy for each help I can get there).
well, as quick workaround for myself, i added the following spaghetti code. the inputfile is based on a simple email list, grabbed from LDAP ldif file with a cronjob.

// Build 'assign to' list from a simple textfile
$userList = "/var/www/wiki/conf/user.mail.list";
$userList_handle = fopen("$userList", "rb");
while (!feof($userList_handle) ) {
$line_of_text = fgets($userList_handle);
$parts = explode('=', $line_of_text);
//print $parts[0] . $parts[1]. "<BR>";
$x_umail_select = $x_umail_select . "['".$parts[0]."','".$parts[0]."'],";

It seem s you found a way to solve this issue (?).
Can we set the ticket to solved now?
Well. This actual issue is not solved. But for my Use Case, everything is ok. So i'm happy if you close this one.
Workaround delivered
by lukas, have a look
into FAQ section
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