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Creator: Christoph Weidmann Created: 2015-07-14 15:17:28
Assigned to: Taggic Modified: 2015-09-08 19:03:44
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Initial description
I just wanted to use your nice dokuwiki plugin and started to generate an issue - which worked fine.

My page code is:

====== Windows Client Issues ======

====== Single Issue Link ======

The list stay empty, but the single link is working.

Firebugs output:
TypeError: rows[0] is undefined
tablekit.js (Zeile 431, Spalte 4)

  • Dokuwiki version: Release 2014-09-29d "Hrun"
  • Firefox version: 39.0

How can I debug the tablekit.js?


Comments (work log)
please create another issue within your issue tracker. possibly the first issue is not displayed but all others. usually that does not disturb due to the first is almost a test ticket.

think there is somethiwng wrong with counting, to be digged into the code
It seams to be also a problem with the "project" config, if I leave out the project parameter and just set the product parameter, the list is displayed.

That is somehow mysterious. The project name is defining your data file, where the single issues to be stored to.
1. Did you create a second issue (with use of project name) ? Is the second issue displayed with ID = 1 ?
2. Please check your IT-datastore if there is a file ".issues" (without any Project Name) beside a file named "2nd_level_support.issues" ?

Are you using multi-project configuration (pls. look at plugin configuration) ?


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