[276]   WYSIWYG prevents description submission, causes "provide a better description" message

Creator: Steven M Scotten Created: 2015-02-19 1:15:40
Assigned to: Taggic Modified: 2015-02-19 10:32:00
Severity: Minor Minor Project: fcon_project
Status: Assigned Assigned
Product: Issue Tracker Begin:
Version: 2014-12-16 Deadline:
Component: Progress in %:
Target version:
Test blocking: YES
Creator Details
Initial description
Similar to #263 and #266β€”in fact I thought it was the same until I realized that the proposed solution (which of course I actually tried) was Javascript-based and prevents an alert box from popping up. The alert does (correctly) come up if I leave the form blank. What I'm getting is not a pop-up but a server-side response.

I have the error "Please provide a better description of your issue. (, 0)" in a new page loaded without the form.

Looking at Firebug, it appears that the form field "description" is not being submitted at all.

Unchecking "plugin issuetracker wysiwyg" in Configuration Manager solved the problem for me. I'm happier without the wysiwyg editor anyhow, but it still looks like the sort of thing you'd want reported.

Severity marked as "Minor" because it's an easy workaround, so anyone searching for the answer and reading this should be OK. But it's a functionality blocker so I was tempted to mark it as "Major".

Sample multipart/form-data from POST as reported by Firebug follows:

do show
id tools:check-in_app:report_issue
created 2015-02-18 16:31:27
project My Awesome Project
product My Awesome Product
component Performance
tblock false
user_name Steven Scotten
user_mail xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
severity Annoyance
title Slow Location and Departure display
modified 2015-02-18 16:31:27
submit Submit

Uncheck "plugin issuetracker wysiwyg" in the Plugins > Issuetracker section of Configuration Manager.
Comments (work log)
Hi Steve,

thanks for the Report and Workaround descripion. The wysiwyg editor implementation unfortunately is not finished. What is the root cause for the Problem you reported. Wysiwyg editor is using a different control than the stndard text box, which is currently disabled by code and therefrom the description is empty and throws the eror message.

This report will be closed once the implementation of wysiwyg editor is finished, what will take time due to leak of spare time.


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