[207]   Link to news article when SOOAPP turned on used incorrec char (& instead of ?)

Creator: Anton Jay Created: 2014-01-09 6:07:21
Assigned to: Taggic Modified: 2014-10-07 18:53:56
Severity: Medium Medium Project: fcon_project
Status: Solved Solved
Product: News System Begin:
Version: 2013-05-22 Deadline:
Component: Progress in %: 100
Target version: 2014-10-x
Test blocking: YES
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Initial description
When creating a new news item in the news form, the link gets created with an ampersand separator. The link does not work and leads to a "This topic does not exist yet" page.

altering the line at approximately 207 of syntax.php from:
if($this->getConf('soapp')>0) $link_anker = '&anchor='.$default_anker; // to show only one article only on a page

if($this->getConf('soapp')>0) $link_anker = '?anchor='.$default_anker; // to show only one article only on a page

fixes this issue.


Comments (work log)
Thank you to report the issue and much more for delivery of a solution. I will check this. It will become part of the next release (what will take a while due to missing spare time for the hobby dokuwiki plugin development).
Now I found a test configuration to check this issue. The solution will be to have a configuration parameter to Change from Ampersand to Questionmark. Some Templates / DW Versions still Need the ampersand. therefore it cannot being simply replaced.

Syntax to be modified not only at the proposed Location.
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