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Release Changes
Id Created Product Version Severity Status Title
2014-12-16 BugFix:
  - #260 Ticket with empty title
2014-12-15 BugFix:
  - #258 Search for TicketNumber not working
2014-12-04 BugFix:
  - #252 Cannot create an issue report
2014-12-01 BugFix:
  - #252 Cannot create an issue report
  - #248 not all Results for Filterselection
  - #245 Version number lost after send report
  - #242 PHP error
  - #241 no Mail after fill in a solution
  - #240 medium in progress Taggic Issuetracker configuration of Severity/Status images
  - #239 search for ticket number fails
  - #237 Next/Previous Issues Button did not work in IE
  - #236 Wrong detail url for changed issues
  - #235 Column "user" is empty
  - #234 wrong link when multi project handling without show project column
  - #232 problems with "German Umlaute"
  - #231 I´ve a lot of = charaters (html-mails)
  - #228 only 1 Symptom Link is working
  - #224 "NetworkError: 404 Not Found .... issuetracker/datepick/jsDatePick_ltr.css"
  - #221 modification of mail template and syntax.php
  - #218 extend German lang.php
  - #217 Eliminate further objects from print out of Issue Details
  - #201 Title's URL on filter list missing project

  - #250 extra fileUpload only for admins
  - #249 Extend Syntax by optional column configuration
  - #233 Sorting Tickets: wrong order
  - #230 Automatic creation of defined it_data folder
  - #223 configurable visibility of single filter controls
  - #222 extend functionality on multi-projects with different assignee groups
  - #220 add a syntax option for mail address
2014-06-05 BugFix:
  - #186 Problem with symlink farmed wikis
  - #188 Issue links in list jump into nirvana
  - #189 Bugs in Text Emailtemplates
  - #211 Error while loging in ?
  - #216 Printing out an issue without edit buttons

  - #192 Sortability of tables should be visible by icon and/or cursor
  - #193 turn on MyIssues flag by syntax
  - #194 Global sort of issues
  - #206 Extend filter controls by "Version" and "assigned" colums
  - #210 provide add plan info within issue dtails
2013-06-25 BugFix:
  - #184 search fails in multi project mode
  - #183 text-email-notification jams category "assigned" with "value"
  - #182 multi-project handling
  - #181 event check log written into dokuwiki root
2013-04-18 NewFeature:
  - #177 links considering the current status
2013-04-11 NewFeature:
  - #178 Can't filter by product
2013-02-21 BugFix:
  - #174 assign user won't apply
2012-02-18 NewFeature:
  - #171 Multi-Project Handling

  - #170 Dokuwiki user registration broken when IssueTracker Installed
2012-01-30 Lang Update:
  - minor changes were necessary due to a cosmetic change of mail headlines

  - #166 (show history) showmodlog backlink goes wrong
  - #163 Broken Title-Link
  - #161 (cosmetic modifications)
2012-11-14 Lang Update:
  - thanks to Benedito C. for the updated Portuguese-Brazil language files

  - #159 Issues are visible to non-registered users
2012-11-08 NewFeature:
  - #99 MyIssues filter

  - #158 "Assigned To" invisible on IssueDetails (auth_ad_overflow = on)
  - #156 Values dissappear when upgrading
2012-11-01 NewFeature:
  - Portugiese-Brazil language file provided by Benedito Carneiro
  - minor enhancement to enlarge/reduce editor textarea

  - #157 improve labeling of comments visible for non-registered users
  - #156 Values dissappear when upgrading
  - #153 Docu: Advise to change away the Issue store from meta folder
  - #151 Lost assigned values
2012-10-22 BugFixes:
  - #152 missing text on html-mail in the event of comment deleted
  - #148 File & Mime Type Errors without symptom file upload
  - #143 Adora Belle: dynamic buttons not displayed correctly
2012-10-15 NewFeatures:
  - #132 Status/Severity should be modifiable also at Issue Details view
  - #133 optional display of names instead cryptical mail addresses for Assignees

  - #134 symptom update button visible also if function disabled
  - #135 add contact impossible
  - #136 Misleading Mime-type error on Issue Report submit
  - #141 update to this version gives: No [/var/www/wiki/data/meta/PRODUCT_NAME.issues] found.
  - #142 lang: fr / no mail content anymore
2012-10-04 NewFeatures:
  - #125 allow to config the folder to store the data
  - #120 symptom file upload

  - #126 cannot set a ticket to status deleted
2012-09-20 NewFeatures:
  - provide html-eMail option
  - #113 Prevent multiple email notification on minor comment changes

  - #124 option to allow unregistered users to create new tickets
  - #122 New dev dokuwiki template, width is too big
  - #121 strange behavior at modifying description text
2012-07-27 NewFeatures:
  - #109 discussion on in e-mail subject content (issue ID, etc)
  - #108 email notification : include previous status on status change → does include extension of modification logging
  - #111 sorting by severity sorts by ID ?
  - #110 no 'add comment' in pages opened from clicking link provided in mail notification
  - #107 issue doesn't show up when filtering on product name ?
  - #103 email notification : missing data in the URL ?
  - #102 No subject in mails / strange body
2012-07-07 minor change: #101 extend config settings for Symptom links
2012-06-06 BugFix: #98 No ending delimiter (wrong GE language entry for parameter 'umlaute')
2012-05-04 NewFeature: #90 IssueTracker does now act automatically on DW user profile updates regarding e-mail addresses
2012-04-17 NewFeatures:
  - #87 improve the search output of comments (style)
  - #86 control to change product for Issue List output
  - #85 Lost Product filter after modification of Status Filter
  - #88 show modification of issue shows odd info
2012-03-20 BugFixes:
  - #37 Issue Tracker and AUTH:AD authentication + editor line break handling
  - #79 handling of German "Umlaute" on severity/status and related image files
2012-02-23 BugFixes:
  - #78 date format and display of timestamps
2012-02-22 NewFeatures:
  - #73 How to follow issues not created yourself
  - #37 Workaround regarding php Error on to many user objects for AUTH:AD
  - #72 Image link button does not appear on report form
  - #75 limit the width of displayed images
  - selectupdate.js references deleted
2012-02-20 NewFeatures:
  - #67 Improve usability of url and image links incl. local link recognition
  - #69 set status automatically to solved when resolution entry provided at IssueList
2012-02-19 NewFeatures:
  - #67 Image links + short link to ImageShack Upload (Upload Images)
  - #66 Delete Issues + icon
  - #68 typo in Mail subject
  - #65 "Resolution" string not localized
2012-02-15 BugFixes:
  - #64 prevent eMail address output when display the status modification log
  - some improvements to the status mod logging and output (initial start is issue report, date format according config, etc.)
2012-02-14 New Features:
  - #55,#56 search within issues

  - #63 prevent List edit for not registered users
  - #62 correction of German HTML-Entities and localization of table edit controls
2012-02-13 New Features:
  - #60 logs modification on status and severity together with issue id, timestamp and name

  - #61 Mail address visible on issue details also for not logged-in users
2012-02-11 Update: Chinese language file
2012-02-10 New Features:
  - #52 Reduce Report form by following selection
  - #50 Edit posibility of Symptom Links within issue details view
  - #58 deletion of assigneee does not impact statistic counters (→ new feature: auto set of status (dis)assign)
  - #57 extend language file by hard coded expressions and update German language file by newly introduced
  - #54 columns of Issue List Form not translated (user login)
  - #53 Names not linking to email address in issue details view
2012-02-07 New Features & BugFixes:
  - #43 disassign issues from an assignee
  - #46 check report form on client site to prevent re-entering all values if a value is missing
  - #47 issue list not visible for not logged in in users if product filter set
  - #49 Status of a new reported issues does not consider the language conf setting
2012-02-05 New Feature: - config parameters for fine tuning of mail events on Issue Details modification,
                    - config parameter to switch to real names → issue details view will display real names
                       instead of mail address (if current user is registered)
                    - Chinese language file added (→ thanks to onwe)
2012-02-03 BugFix: mails to be sent after modification of issue details like description, comments and on resolution
2012-01-29 New Features: user specific Edit/Delete of comments an Edit of initial description
2011-12-20 New Features:
- strip html tags from resolution edit textarea
- issue details → code structure rg. edit toolbar improved
- edit initial desription by owner & admin
- edit of comments by owner & admin
- delete of comments by owner & admin
- JavaScript issue on FireFox9 solved (→ thanks to lukas)
2011-12-20 - BugFix #35: leading/ending blanks on eMail address within report form will be trimmed
2011-12-13 - NewFeature: statistic counterns provided as action links to quick-filter issue list
- BugFix #32: input controls on report form for symptoms to short
2011-12-12 - BugFix: inconsistent lang and conf definition caused add solve status on issue list counters
(thanks to bwenz for report and root cause analysis)
2011-12-10 - New Feature: customizable Issue report form (#29)
2011-12-07 - Improvement: issue detail view capabilities improved
2011-12-06 - BugFix: log off + next/previous problem caused by product filter implemntation
- Feature Update: xsEditor syntax detected by Issue List → Resolution cell display
2011-12-06 - New Feature: editor to style text of description, comments and resolution text implemented
2011-12-04 - New Feature: Resolution edit provided on detail view (resolution edit will set issue to “solved” and inform the requestor)
- Bug Fix: filter functions corrected (root cause: product filter)
2011-12-03 - New Feature: syntax parameter to initially select product on report form implemented
- New Feature: Resolution displayed on Details View (thanks to bwenz)
2011-12-02 - New Feature: syntax parameter for issue list product filter implemented
2011-11-08 BugFix(#8, #10): thanks to MatzeM (Emu) for testing this
   - multilang for submit btn on report,
   - table width if buttons next/previous used,
   - included upper right statistics counter into
2011-11-07 - BugFix: #6 date_format display & #8 multi language support
2011-10-27 - Improvement: some minor changes
2011-10-21 - Improvement: multi language support for issue list edit mail notifications
2011-10-20 - New Feature: multiple language support
- New Feature: mail info to assignee
- New Feature: date format for new issue reports can be defined by admin
2011-10-04 - BugFix: Issue List edit
2011-09-29 - New Feature: syntax switch to prevent output of controls on top of issue list
- BugFix: clear away limit of parameters
- BugFix: conflicting table-id's cleared now
- BugFix: xhtml compliancy improvements
2011-09-26 - New Feature: view parameter introduced to initially define quantity of displayed issue items
2011-09-21 - BugFix: edit if user is member of multiple groups
2011-09-12 - New Feature: issue list can be filtered for severity and status, multiple values possible if comma separated
- BugFix: severity, status and display default values used if nothing provided by syntax or deleted from issue list controls
2011-09-06 - BugFix: file corrected for install/update function of DW plugin manager
- BugFix: prev/next issues failed if less than 6 issues reported (ongoing issue)
2011-08-12 - New Feature: limit issue list output to a defined number of rows
2011-08-11 - BugFix: table edit cleaned from test code for user mail notification on changes
- a to allow the user install this plugin directly through the github package (thanks to lupo49 for the help)
2011-08-10 - BugFixon user notification
2011-08-08 - BugFix: solves issue on select controls of Issue List with IE8
2011-08-07 - Issue List items now action links to show details
- feature: notification mail contains direct link to issue details
2011-08-05 - BugFix: edit permissions and user group dependencies corrected,
some layout inconsitencies also corrected
2011-08-04 - includes css support and a minor bugfix
2011-08-02 - BugFix: Issue Details view ⇒ Symptom Links section layout corrected
2011-08-01 - BugFix: identify comment files if multiple projects within one wiki handled
2011-07-30 - Improvement: reporter and assignee contact details (except name) will not be displayed if a different user is
viewing the issue details
2011-07-30 - New Feature: edits can be limited by configuration to registered users with edit permission on issutracker namespace
2011-07-29 - BugFix on Captcha usage and status/severity icon display corrected
2011-07-28 - a bit layout improvement and minor bugfix
(e.g. After entering a comment the Issue Details view is now showing current issue)
2011-07-23 - Issue Detail View and comment function now implemented as action and called from Issue List control
2011-07-21 - issue table, report and issue list extended
- pre-check of issue details output and comments function (to be finalized)
- status and severity icons introduced incl. configuration switch to display text or icon
2011-07-13 - modifed email address validation from simple check to enhanced
- load user mail addresses of defined groups for assignment at issue list select box (admin view)
- issue list can now be edited by members of defined groups for assignment
- BugFix: issue list not editable for users outside the “assign” group
- bugfix: issue list output for not assigned users (TC: user not loged in)
2011-07-12 - enhancements on issue list controls, user issue creation and admin configuration
2011-07-11 - three little feature extensions (#04 + #05 + #08)
2011-07-10 - Initial release
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