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NEWS System Plugin: 12 Hits
o be previewed. Another method is to display all current valid News Posts completely. The validity is defi... e News Cloud will display all tags where you have current news articles (not beyond the perishing date). A ... tially tag setting of the syntax line to show the current, wanted articles. ==== News Thumbshots ==== {{ :... | soapp = show one article per page (instead of current all news) | | act_delim | action link deli
Word2DokuWiki (Makro): 5 Hits
====== Word2DokuWiki (Makro) ====== Current available makros containing to much issues to post it here. If... d Pictures of JPG, PNG and GIF file format ====== Current status ====== The ouput below shows the current a... able. Most of that can be improved if necessary. current limits: * LF/CR ignored -> should be turned int... tify.png?nolink&|}} THE CONTENT BELOW VISUALIZING CURRENT MAKRO ABILITIES ! </box> ======Heading Level 1===
xsStockView Plugin: 3 Hits
in to simply place one or multiple companies with current stock value on your page. The source of stock inf... age with the title of the company followed by the current stock value. The output will be the following: T... ch company is placed into a row together with its current value. {(xssnipper>,0,css style, /** Design Elem
Development History: 3 Hits
7&project=fcon_project|#177 links considering the current status]] | | 2013-04-11 | __**NewFeature:**__ \\... real names \\ <tab23>instead of mail address (if current user is registered) \\ <tab20>- Chinese language ... g a comment the Issue Details view is now showing current issue) | | 2011-07-23 | - Issue Detail View an
How to create HTML mail template ?: 2 Hits
| <nowiki>%%STATUS%%</nowiki> | replaced by the current status text of the issue | new | | <nowiki>%%th... <nowiki>%%SEVERITY%%</nowiki> | replaced by the current severity text of this issue | Feature Request |
A simple Effort Time Table plugin: 2 Hits
lopment is currently on hold.\\ This is just the current state of implementation, which could be extended ... lor> → login and test it// - //<color darkgreen>current row highlighting</color> → login and test it//
IssueTracker Plugin: 2 Hits
ll display real names instead of mail address (if current user is registered) | |**<sup>plugin»issuetracke... image a small text informs you about quantity of current followers. Followers are all registered mail addr
IssueTracker Version 2017-03-20 available now: 2 Hits
* text: This update provides you the link to the current location regarding the list of unused files as th... NewsSystem released * subtitle: small add if no current news available * link: /fcon/doku.php?id=news:a
Render DW syntax: 1 Hits
e following will deliver the files raw content of current page without parsing and converting it. It may be
Topbarsyntax Plugin: 1 Hits
f the syntax is called it will look at first into current namespace for the //topbar.txt// file. If there i
xsSnipper Plugin: 1 Hits
ain text (downloadable as test.txt file) from the current plugin info file as follows: {(xssnipper>./lib/pl
Rater Example: 1 Hits
quickly the two use cases of the plugin. \\ The current settings within this DW do restricted ip address
xsAnyConvert Plugin: 1 Hits
evelopment is currently on hold. This is just the current state of implementation, which could be extended

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